Bait and Switch

7 May

Bait and Switch Summary: Monica Reyes hatches a complicated plot to take down the conspiracy. Scully simplifies it considerably. Notes: My long-time fandom buddy Circe Invidiosa and I challenged each other to an X-Files Season 11 Trope-Off, and she assigned … Read More »

Something In Between

6 May

Title: Something In Between Author: Rain Category: MSR, A, Doggett Rating: PG-13 Archive: go ahead, but please let me know where. Disclaimer: Anybody you recognize doesn’t belong to me. First posted: 5 November 2004 Summary: What happened between Three Words and Empedocles? Changing graveyards, … Read More »

Five Minute Fic

6 May

Summary:  Combo 5: fabulous, library, cell phone, omelet, shoes First Posted:  23 July 2003  “Fabulous,” groaned Mulder, as he exited the library with omelet on his shoes. Scully looked back at him with amusement. “At least it missed your cellphone, Mulder” … Read More »

One Giant Sentence

6 May

Summary: …along the journey he had more than once been mistaken for an unusually fluffy red rat… Written:  17 July 2003 The small bedraggled Pomeranian limped through the pipe, for once not regretting his lack of size (along the journey he … Read More »

The Future

6 May

The Future by Rain Summary: “I have seen the future, brother…,” Leonard sang… written for the E-muse Songfic Challenge First Posted: 28 May 2003 They drove in silence, accompanied by Leonard Cohen. The battered cassette tape had been in the tape … Read More »

Year of the Dragon

6 May

Year of the Dragon (155 Words) Classification: written for the Scullyfic 155 Word Challenge “Love Story” Rating: PG First posted: 15 Feb 2002 In the aftermath of a takeout Chinese meal, they were playing with their fortune cookies.  She opened hers carefully, … Read More »

Travelling Light

6 May

Travelling Light by Rain Summary: written for the Scullyfic “Scully in 155 Words” Challenge First Posted: early December 2001 “Mulder?” Scully’s voice drifts into her cellular phone and is transformed. From sound, it becomes radio waves, rushing over the sleeping city to … Read More »