Year of the Dragon

6 May

Year of the Dragon (155 Words)
Classification: written for the Scullyfic 155 Word Challenge “Love Story”
Rating: PG

First posted: 15 Feb 2002

In the aftermath of a takeout Chinese meal, they were playing with their fortune cookies.  She opened hers carefully, grasping the sides firmly, one in each hand, and breaking them apart with precision.

He opened his like he opened sunflower seeds, using teeth and tongue. She liked the way he pulled the slip of paper out, dragging it along his bottom lip, although she pretended not to.

“You’re drooling on it, Mulder.”

He grinned and looked at his fortune.  “It makes it more challenging to read.  Hey Scully!  I’m well-liked and respected in the community! Somebody should tell Kersh.”

She brushed a cookie crumb off his chin with her thumb.  “You’re well-liked and respected, Mulder.  I like and respect you.”

“In bed?”

She smiled and unfolded her own fortune.  “True happiness can be found by following your heart.”

“In bed?” he asked again.

“Among other places,” she replied, getting up and holding out her hand.

End notes:

1. This, of course, draws on the tradition of spicing up fortune cookies by adding “… in bed!” to the end of your fortune.

2. Happy slightly belated Chinese New Year.  Welcome to the Year of the Horse, which started on February 12.

3. The most recent Year of the Dragon began on February 5, 2000, for those looking for a timeline. 🙂

4. I am one of the three people in the world who is not a chocoholic.